GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Selected Week 4 Picks

The guys from ESPN… we know football has started when we see Mike Tirico, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit.

The Hokie Guru’s latest movie recommendation, you might ask? The Cohen Brothers, Burn After Reading!! It’s the #1 film in America. See it… it’s a blast!! The Cohen Brothers did Fargo, Rasing Arizona, Intolerable Cruelty, etc. They, in short, are awesome filmmakers.

Last week, the Hokie Guru picked the big upset in the best game of the week; GovLoop’s University of South Florida (USF) Bulls, #12 in the latest Associated Press Poll, defeated the Kansas Jayhawks in the best game of the week. USF plays at Florida International this week (no truth to the rumor that Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, will allow duty-free alcohol sales on the campus of Florida International… sorry about that, GovLoop). The Hokie Guru was no so lucky with BYU/UCLA pick; BYU is for real and may have the edge over East Carolina (who will beat North Carolina State this week) for a Fiesta Bowl Bid. Could this be like 1984 for the BYU Cougars? Time will tell.

Tons of questions for Week 4. Which Maryland team will show up this week? The one that lost to Middle Tennessee State University or the one that beat the University of California Bears? How will Virginia Tech do on the road in its first Atlantic Coast Conference game? What about The Ohio State University Buckeyes? Do you want the answers? Maryland should beat Eastern Michigan University at home and Virginia Tech, the Hokie Guru’s team, will lose tomorrow against the University of North Carolina Tarheels (sigh… but this is the year for teams to beat the Hokies, who appear to be loaded in 2009 and 2010… look out… pay us now if you want to get off the schedule). The best the Buckeyes can do this year is the Rose Bowl; no more BCS Bowl after last week’s debacle against USC. And speaking of the USC Trojans, they are looking really, really good right now… BCS national championship good… their game with Oregon on October 4 should decide one of the teams that plays for all of the marbles (the other most likely coming from the SEC).

On to the Hokie Guru’s national top 25 picks for week four (and the Hokie Guru is only picking the best games… believe it our not, the Guru had Colorado upsetting West Virginia… Dan Hawkins is the man!!)…

1.) #17 University of Oregon vs. Boise State University – Oregon clearly did not show up to play againist Purdue last week and it almost cost them the game. If they sleep walk this week, they will lose to the mighty Boise State Broncos. Don’t bet on it; Oregon wins at home!!

2.) #6 LSU vs. #10 Auburn – The game of the week. This is going to be a violent, violent game. My bet is that the injury totals after this game will be in double digits. There may be more injuries than points in this game. A classic defensive battle between two SEC teams. I wish I was at Auburn this week. LSU wins 17-14 in a game (ON THE ROAD) that could go into overtime on ESPN on Saturday night. The Guru loves games like this. Last year, LSU won on a miracle throw.

3.) #18 Wake Forest vs. #24 Florida State University – In most years, Florida State’s talent base should overwhelm Wake Forest… but Wake Forest has the nation’s best field goal kicker (and how did he get out of the State of Florida?), which could mean something in a close game. Something tells me that Florida State cannot suck forever. I don’t know what that something is, but I think Florida State University will win this game (if they don’t, then Bobby Bowden will most likely resign at the end of the season) and will regain some of its swagger.

Have a good week and GO HOKIES.

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Hope the Hokies can step up. Tyrod really needs to show me something. Hopefully will have a few losses so USF can jump into the top 10. Go Bulls…

Matthew Stephen Worner

USF Bulls squeaked by, GovLoop… must have been too much duty-free alcohol at Florida International University for that close of a game… you heard it hear first… I believe the USF Bulls will win their next four games against NC State, Pitt, Syracuse, and Louisville… they should be 8-0 coming into that game against Cincinnatti… and the Big East scheduling gods were unkind to USF… they have that road game on October 25 at Louisville, but then they have to go to Cincy on October 30… not fair.

Virginia Tech had the single most improbably comeback I’ve ever seen (and someone agrees)… and I’ve been watching Hokie football since 1975…

And let me tell you, LSU looked really, really good… when they play Florida and Georgia, I will be by that television set and nothing will interrupt me.