GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Selected Week 5 Picks

First, the Hokie Guru is going to step out of the sports world this week and start out with a management issue… time and attendance… I’m just curious how my readers would react if they got a message like this (a friend sent this to me):
… has created and maintains a calendar where we record and reference all “Out of Office” activity for employees… This includes, travel, training, any type of leave, telework, or any other reason that you would not be sitting in your office. [emphasis mine] The time and attendance applications captures and generates a notification for some of the activity…. operations staff use this tool to better manage and monitor staff availability. (i.e., setting up a staff meeting that will best accommodate everyone’s schedule). I ask that when it’s determined that you will be out of the office for any reason, please send me a note so I can capture your status. If you submit a request in the time and attendance application, I will use the timekeeper notification to update the calendar.

The Hokie Guru persnally thinks that a timekeeper has no need to know my whereabouts… they only have the right to know that my supervisor has approved my training or annual leave… that’s it… the quote above shows a level of micromanagement that the Hokie Guru has never seen in 14 years in the government… it is, in short, wacky, in his humble opinion.

In his second topic outside of the sports blogopshere, the Hokie Guru continues his trend of recommending movies… the Hokie Guru has never seen Samuel L. Jackson act like a psycho before (he always plays the good guy). Quite frankly, he plays the psycho well… please see Lakeview Terrace (the Hokie Guru’s new, favorite actress is Kerry Washington. People Magazine likes her, too). Anyway, here’s more on the movie right here.

On to sports!!! The Hokie Guru was massively wrong last week about Oregon… last week the Hokie Guru picked the University of Oregon Ducks to defeat the Boise State University Broncos… the Hokie Guru stated that the Ducks would win if they did not sleepwalkthey did. Clearly, Jim Grobe is now the best coach in the Atlantic Coast Conference after his third straight win over Florida State University.

USC will not be in the national championship game. Giggle, giggle.

On to the Hokie Guru’s national top 25 picks for week five (and the Hokie Guru is only picking the best games)

1.) #8 University of Alabama Crimson Tide at #3 University of Georgia Bulldogs (Game of the Week) – Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide has outperformed the expectations if everyone in the media, but the Hokie Guru thinks that Georgia has too much depth for Alabama. Georgia wins and might be #1 after this win due to USC’s loss on Thursday night.

2.) University of Maryland Terrapins at #20 Clemson University Tigers – Which Maryland team will show up? The one that barely beat Delaware, lost to Middle Tennesse State, handled the University of California, or hammered Easter Michigan? The Hokie Guru thinks Maryland wins in an upset!!

3.) #13 University of South Florida (USF) Bulls at North Carolina (NC) State University Wolfpack – Last week NC State had one of the biggest wins of the Tom O’Brien era. The USF Bulls, however, want to make a statement for the Big East. The Bulls should make that statement because NC State’s starting QB is injured and I expect a Wolfpack letdown because of the win last week. USF wins on the road. I expect USF to make the Associated Press Top 10 by Sunday.

Have a great week and GO HOKIES!!!

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That micromanagement is crazy. Let’s spend time and energy overseeing a non-issue and make our employees feel like 8-year olds. Daddy, can I go to the bathroom?

Good schedule this week. I’m in agreement – Maryland and the Bulls. Roll Tide.

Matthew Stephen Worner

GL, Georgia will beat the tide and will be #1 next week… you were helped by Michigan today… that was a big win… Florida also lost… USF is on the move… they have to close the deal and win today.