GovTwit Week in Review 8/16 – 8/22

The DoD rolled out a new website last week at Defense.gov, highlighting social media tools in the site’s redesign. Check out the press release, Armed Forces Press Service story as well as the Social Media page in addition to the homepage.

In related news, there was an interesting story from PBS Media Shift on How US Departments of Defense and State differ in their approach to social media.


On Wednesday the 19th, San Francisco launched the beta of its open data web site, DataSF.org. Mayor Gavin Newsom blogged over on TechCrunch that the site “will provide a clearinghouse of structured, raw and machine-readable government data to the public in an easily downloadable format. For example, there will be updated crime incident data from the police department and restaurant inspection data from the Department of Public Health.”

Jay Nath, manager of innovation for the city, spoke to WFED’s Daily Debrief about the launch, you can listen here. Jay and city CTO Blair Adams also spoke about the project on Gov 2.0 Radio late last month, listen here.


GovTwit rolled out a new “Recommend” button on its homepage; now *you* can help build the directory. Learn more here.


The Atlantic wrote a story on social media in the government, touching on the new DoD website launch and mentioning GovTwit in the copy as well: Gingerly, The Security Side of the Government Explores Twitter

One of the best videos about social media was released this week on YouTube, built off of great data at SocialNomics.com by @equalman. Definitely a new opener when I go to give internal presentations on the growing import of social media.


Emergency Management ran a story about Twitter and social media in emergency response drills.


The Wall Street Journal’s Amy Schatz wrote about the FCC stepping up its online presence with a new blog and twitter account.


Gov 2.0 Radio discussed Rethinking Conference Learning with the Graduate School’s Andy Krzmarzick and Ken Fischer of the Potomac Forum. Hear about the as he discusses the Open Government Innovations Tweetbook and more


Found browsing http://govtwit.com/videos: @thejointstaff (Admiral Mike Mullen) wants your YouTube Q’s by 8/31 for Virtual Town Hall

Interesting Additions to GovTwit Directory Tweeted This Week:

@robmoore518 was the first to use new “Recommend” button @GovTwit homepage. Thanks! @PuebloCounty now added

Added the Millenium Challenge Corp. (@MCTweets); U.S. Gov corp. designed to work w/some of the poorest countries in the world (HT @natenash)

It’s termite infested logo makes USDA’s @invasiveinfo a must-add to directory (2nd user to use new “recommend” button): http://bit.ly/JNXAp

Added 3 IDs from Fish&Wildlife: @USFWSHQ and @USFWSSoutheast @USFWSPacific (HT @ariherzog) – http://bit.ly/3lp8AX

Added @USMSOffice (NIST, Dept. of Commerce) – http://bit.ly/5FP1Q

The FCC joined Twitter today w/@fccdotgov (HT @schatzwsj); now listed in GovTwit

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Steve Lunceford

Thanks Chris, while mentioned, the link to your/Amy’s interview didn’t make it when I cut and pasted from GovTwit blog to here @ GovLoop. Fixed in the blog above. Also, I’d love it if WFED would have an option to add a player to a blog site vs just playing on your site or downloading the file (see how nicely the BTR player can be added by looking at the orig post @ http://GovTwit.Wordpress.com