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GovTwit releases data set for 4,500 tagged IDs

After seeking a way to revive the GovTwit directory (including trialing interesting services like and TwitChimp), I’ve yet to find a solution that would include all of the features and functionality I’d like. So today I’m making all of the backend GovTwit data I have culled since 2008 available to anyone who may beRead… Read more »

The Empowered Employee is Coming; Is Your Agency Ready?

I wanted to draw attention to a recent piece at, authored by my Deloitte colleagues John Hagel, Suketu Gandhi, and Giovanni Rodriguez. Their post, The Empowered Employee, looks at the emergence of technologies and best practices that are enabling employers who are actually struggling to fill a growing number of highly-skilled jobs, and employeesRead… Read more »

Google launches Google+ guide for politics and government

View original post. Hot on the heels of launching Google+ Pages on November 7, Google has released a “how-to” guide for G+ aimed at increasing use of the new social platform by those in politics and government. The “Google+ for Politics” page is part of a series of guides targeting segments like Celebrities, Media, Non-Profits,Read… Read more »

Bittersweet End: GovTwit directory turns three, but forced to shut down

The short story: is dead and I’m looking for ideas on how to get it back up and running. The slightly longer version: I recently sat on a panel hosted by Market Connections, which was releasing their third annual report around the use of social media in government (you can download the overview here),Read… Read more »

DC Fire Communications Director @wallscomm says “Social Media is for parties.” So Let’s Party!

The headline is astonishing to read given how much the emergency management community has gravitated toward using social media to achieve various goals, most especially in communicating with the public. Heck, @LAFD is recognized as being the first government organization to join Twitter (four years ago) and even a quick Google search for “emergency managementRead… Read more »

Government adoption of Twitter continues rapid growth; hits 4,000 IDs

I was adding some IDs to this week when I realize a new milestone was reached as the directory now exceeds 4,200 IDs. While I haven’t keep a timeline of month-to-month growth, a post from July 19, 2010 mentions that the database was slightly under 3,000 IDs a year ago, so were looking atRead… Read more »

First It Was Weiner, Now It’s Johnson – Freshman Congressman’s Twitter Feed Hacked

Following on the heels of “Weinergate,” where then-House Representative Anthony Wiener claimed his Twitter account was hacked, it appears we have an actual case where a member of Congress has had their Twitter account tampered with. TweetCongress founder Chris McCroskey received a call last night from the office of Bill Johnson, a freshman Representative fromRead… Read more »

Secret Service starts Twitter account, stumbles

Just nine days after starting an official (and verified) Twitter feed, the U.S. Secret Service had a pretty public gaffe that most professional social media managers have experienced (or feared) at some point or another. As reported by ABC News and other outlets, a staffer accidentally tweeted something meant for a personal account. The departmentRead… Read more »

Air Force names 2011 Cyberspace Operations and Support Hall of Fame inductees

Congrats to all the inductees, but especially for my colleague General Harry Raduege! He chairs Deloitte’s Center for Cyber Innovation ( and it’s a pleasure and honor to work with him. Original article link: 3/14/2011 by Tech. Sgt. Jess Harvey Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs 3/14/2011 – WASHINGTON (AFNS) — Five AirmenRead… Read more »