Great Android Apps – Raindar : Android Market Place App

This just in from Sprint Solutions Engineer Justin Davis….

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Raindar : Android Market Place App

It’s in the Android Marketplace and is probably the BEST weather application. It’s very simple and shows a GPS map with LIVE dopler streaming. This is a GREAT app plus it’s free.


Going somewhere and you’re not sure if you need to bring your umbrella? Want to check if there’s going to be fresh powder snow on the slopes in Tahoe tomorrow? Check Raindar! Raindar displays animated Doppler radar images on your Google Map. When you start Raindar it automatically focuses on your location so you can quickly see if there is precipitation coming your way. When pressing the search button on your phone you can now also search for locations within the US!

I do not travel (on the road) without it. It will keep you from driving through horrible weather.


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