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James Doyle: NRL Aims to Observe Ocean Battlespaces In Real Time

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has developed and demonstrated several tools for measuring atmospheric and ocean parameters to help predict the weather. NRL presented numerical weather prediction models and sensing systems at the U.S. Navy’s annual Trident Warrior sea trial exercise held from July 13 through 18, NRL said Wednesday. “These numerical experiments demonstrate, inRead… Read more »

Red Cross Hurricane App

Here in the U.S. we’re in the middle of Hurricane Season — it ends Nov. 30, 2012 this year. The season’s been off to a bit of a slow start over the Atlantic but, as we on the East Coast know too well, it’s typically the later months of summer that bring the most devastatingRead… Read more »

Be a Force of Nature

NOAA and FEMA are partnering on a public education campaign kicking off during the first National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, April 22-28. This is more than your routine public safety/awareness effort. Aimed at improving the way people respond to severe weather warnings, campaign planners are embracing social science principles to encourage people to take appropriateRead… Read more »

Great Android Apps – Raindar : Android Market Place App

This just in from Sprint Solutions Engineer Justin Davis…. Download This App Today: Raindar : Android Market Place App It’s in the Android Marketplace and is probably the BEST weather application. It’s very simple and shows a GPS map with LIVE dopler streaming. This is a GREAT app plus it’s free. Description: Going somewhereRead… Read more »

Mother Nature Also Wreaks Havoc On The Federal Government’s Website

Did you try and access the National Weather Service’s website lately? Evidently it has been reported that it crased due to extra visitors this week, as visitors to the site are five times higher than average. The Washington Post, and CBS have reported problems with the website recently. However, on an average day,’sRead… Read more »

NOAA Releases the “State of the Climate Report” for 2009

The weather sure has been hot lately. Want to get a good picture of the weather over the past year? Then get NOAA’s National Climate Data Center recently published report on the weather and climate occurring around the world in 2009. Because weather fascinates many of us and is experienced by all of us, theRead… Read more »

CB2: Storm=Brewing, Well=Capped!

It hasn’t hit the mainstream yet, but Florida residents need to keep an eye on what could become Tropical Storm Bonnie heading their way this weekend. Keep an eye out for a special edition CB2 should Bonnie pose a serious threat. Forecast track While the National Hurricane Center won’t have a cone graphic until theRead… Read more »