Great Article about Using Twitter at Work and Government

This is a great article that covers two great points: how to use Twitter at work, and how the government is forging ahead into Gov 2.0

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Kathleen Smith

Yes there is lots of wonderful info about Gov. 2.0 and what I like about this article is that it puts info in plain terms to share with those outside of the community especially to many of my customers, job seekers, who are in the dark about these tools. Many of the job seekers that I work with who have security clearances still believe that they are not allowed to do anything on the web. These are the folks who maintain a wealth of knowledge and need to be coached on how to use these skills to support the mission.

Kathleen Smith

Thanks for all the great feedback! this is the first time that I have posted/shared an article. It is great to be part of a community that is so receptive and supportive!