Green Drinking

You’ve probably read the heading for this blog thinking to yourself, green drinking? Whatever on Earth is meant by that? It is March after all, and St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. Perhaps you are thinking my reference is that dreadful green beer you see every March 17th? I know, you may have come to the conclusion that I am talking about buying or consuming organically produced beverages, or the packaging they are placed in! Nope. None of the above!
What I am referring to is to a great idea that’s growing daily – you may or may not have heard of Green Drinks. Green Drinks is an international group found in most local communities. So here’s the scoop…..or I should say, the details, “straight-up“!

The Green Drinks idea came about in 1989, when Edwin Datschefski was at a local pub “consuming” his favorite drink along with his green design colleagues. Meanwhile, at a table within earshot, he discovered others who were environmentally minded. Soon, tables were pulled together, discussions commenced, and Green Drinks began. By 2001, the official Web site “shot” up, and currently there are 456 cities worldwide…. “swallow” that!

After doing a little research on this great green group, I discovered that this group is active in 46 countries, including the United States (with the exception of Alaska, North Dakota, and West Virginia), and it is free to attend – other than the cost for your own drinks and food. To give you a “taste” of Green Drinks, each local chapter typically meets once a month, with an organizer who arranges the meetings in bars and restaurants. Members are notified of the sessions via email, and the organizer facilitates discussions. The “spirit” of Green Drinks is that anyone is welcome, and members are usually made up of a mixture of individuals from academia, government, environmental groups, and the business world. People enjoy these gatherings as they provide an opportunity to expand their friendships, develop new ideas, close business deals, and land their next green job as they “suck back” a beverage or two!

One other “swig” of information for you, should you decide to attend one of these gatherings – just look for the sign on the table to point you in the right direction, or better yet, just say “are you green?” – this pass phrase will ensure that you are looked after and introduced to whoever is there.

So “cheers” to Green Drinks, and the opportunity to “sip, gulp, and quench that thirst” for all things green!

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