Green Your Commute with This New App

eco:speed app
Have you ever found yourself driving to work, constantly hitting red lights? Do you often slow down, to almost a complete stop, only to have the light turn green – and your fuel efficiency plunge? If so, read on.

Stop-and-go driving (and the fuel-wasting that goes with it) has been tormenting commuters for as long as anyone can remember, but one company eco:Speed, and it’s iPhone app, wants to help. eco:Speed does more than get you from point A to point B in the fewest miles possible. The program also factors in the number of stop signs and traffic lights on your route, and recommends speeds to keep you moving towards your destination and better fuel economy.

Visit eco:Speed to learn more, and find out when the full app will be released (a demo is currently available, so give it a try first)!

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