Greening of Government – How green is your agency?

It has been a year since President Obama issued the Executive Order requiring agencies to reduce the amount of energy they use. The President set out specific goals on everything from greenhouse gas emissions to water efficiency to contracting for sustainable products.

Over the past 12 months, agencies have been putting the infrastructure
in place to begin to tackle these goals. Just last month, every department submitted their sustainability plans to the White House detailing the steps they will take to meet the goals of the executive order.

This focus on energy savings is not new. President Bush issued an
executive order as well that required agencies to take specific steps to lower their carbon footprints. So just how much of a difference are these mandates making? Is it lip service or real change?

Federal News Radio is delving into the progress
agencies are making to become more energy efficient. All this week, we analyze the impact the programs and policies are having in making the government more green.

Each day, we’ll be examining a different issue that the government is dealing with when it comes to greening the government. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to stop by and check it out!

Monday – Transportation
Tuesday – Technology
Wednesday – Buildings
Thursday – People
Friday – Contractors

And, be sure to check out the results of our Greening of Government survey. We asked feds how they feel about their agencies’ sustainability goals and the results are in.

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