Hadoop for Law Enforcement: Big Data contributes to public safety

CTOlabs.com, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of CTOvision.com, has just published a white paper providing context and use cases on Hadoop For Law Enforcement, an important mission-focused domain ripe for the application of more Big Data solutions.

From the report:

Big Data, the data too large and complex for your current information infrastructure to store and analyze, has changed every sector in government and industry. Today’s sensors and devices produce an overwhelming amount of information that is often unstructured, and solutions developed to handle Big Data now allowing us to track more information and run more complex analytics to gain a level of insight once thought impossible.

The dominant Big Data solution is the Apache Hadoop ecosystem which provides an open source platform for reliable, scalable, distributed computing on commodity hardware. Hadoop has exploded in the private sector and is the back end to many of the leading Web 2.0 companies and services. Hadoop also has a growing footprint in government, with numerous Hadoop clusters run by the Departments of Defense and Energy, as well as smaller deployments by other agencies.

One sector currently exploring Hadoop is law enforcement. Big Data analysis has already been highly effective in law enforcement and can make police departments more effective, accountable, efficient, and proactive. As Hadoop continues to spread through law enforcement agencies, it has the potential to permanently change the way policing is practiced and administered.

Download the report here: Hadoop For Law Enforcement

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