Digital democracy: tweeting meetings

I’m giving a talk today at a conference in Norwich for parish and town councils and one of the things I want to do is just to share some really simple ideas on how councils could get some online interactivity going.

One of those ideas was to tweet meetings. I asked my network on Twitter for examples, and was deluged!

I’ve used Storify to collect them all together, and have embedded it at the bottom of this post. Storify seems a great way of dragging tweets (and other media) together – ideal indeed for covering meetings!

It seems like there are different approaches being taken, mainly around who does the actual tweeting. Is it council officers? Councillors themselves? Journalists? Citizens?

Have a read through and see what you think.

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Joe Flood

I’ve been at conferences where attendees have been encouraged to tweet about the proceedings. There’s usually a hashtag that they put up on screen for everyone to use. It’s really helpful, for you can use that common hashtag to see what other people are saying and linking to – it makes the conference much more of an interactive affair. Also, it’s great if you can’t attend the meeting – you can just search the hashtag to see what everyone is talking about.

On a side note, tweeting the conference helps me pay attention because it’s like I’m involved in event. It also creates a record that I can consult later – I’ve gone back to my “tweet notes” and written blog posts from them.