Half of Americans are watching internet video. It needs to be part of your on-line strategy.


There are endless reports about the ever increasing presence of video in our digital world. Another from Nielsen is below. The truly amazing thing is the presence of YouTube and the ability of having a free hosting source for your video products. All you have to do is create and link to YouTube from your website.

The best source of information for inexpensive video creation is Steve Garfield athttp://stevegarfield.com/Site/Welcome.html.

But people are reluctant to create a video presence for their site; they seem to fear the complexities and results.

There are millions of websites and even at the local level, there’s lots of competition. Put yourself in the shoes of the person coming to your site. They need to have a reason to engage your services or to believe in your cause. With all the mistrust of unknown sites and causes, what’s more convincing than a personal message via video? What more enticing than a series of instructional videos helping your visitor navigate through issues that concerns them most?

What does video production require? Steve Garfield’s site will explain all but essentially it takes a $120.00 picket video camera with a remote microphone (which excludes all video capacities on cell phones) a tripod and good lighting. Note that the secret to good video is good audio. We are talking about a possible expenditure of $250.00.

Make your videos short a sweet and possibility eliminate the need for editing. People want authenticity more than polish. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be from the heart.

To suggest to most that they engage in video is a non-starter; they just don’t see themselves as video production people. It’s simply beyond their comfort level.

But ask yourselves, if ten billion 14 year olds can film and upload video to YouTube, why can’t you? Heck, grandmothers are doing it.

You give you and your organization a competitive advantage through a video strategy. The more you make and the more helpful they are, the more traffic you drive to your website. People see you and your cause as the real deal; something they can believe in.


One of the reasons online video is the fastest growing ad segment is because nearly half of all Americans are watching some form of streaming, according to Nielsen’s Cross-Platform report.

Source: http://paidcontent.org/article/419-nielsen-nearly-half-of-americans-are-watching-online-video/P0/

Best, Len.

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