Hannah Young: Why I’m Coding for America

If you ask the average American what they appreciate about technology, I think they’d say that technology generally helps them do things faster, more efficiently, and with better results. Looking at Congress’ latest approval ratings, I have a hard time believing that many Americans would say the same about government.

I wanted to help change that and decided a policy internship with Code for America would be the perfect starting point.

I am not a programmer, designer, or developer. Up until 18 months ago I didn’t consider myself particularly tech savvy. I studied journalism and politics in college and always envisioned I would end up in D.C working on the Hill.

That changed after spending the past year and a half at a software start-up in San Francisco. After seeing the power of applying big data, dynamic technology, and efficient strategy to successfully address complex problems, I became convinced that if government took a similar approach to tackling its problems, the impact would be huge.

There is an enormous opportunity to help government work better for its citizens by leveraging technology. I’m excited to get started on this at Code for America.

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