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Happy Fourth of July (and RIP Steve McNair) From The Hokie Guru, Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports

Happy Fourth of July… our country is massively awesome!! Have a great holiday and weekend.

Here’s sports teaser for you college football fans (like the Hokie Guru) that can’t wait for college football:

College Gameday starts it all!! 🙂

You can’t see me… but I’m dancing by my computer!! 🙂 This, of course, is the theme music for the Pac-10 games that are on VERY LATE on Saturday nights on Fox College Sports. And this year… the opener will be Oregon at Boise State 🙂

Bowl Championship Series (BCS)… hmmm… this is where I hope my Hokies will be… hope Govloop’s USF Bulls will be in the picture, too!! 🙂

If this doesn’t get you fired up, you have zero pulse.

In other news… President Obama had several military families at the White House to celebrate our national holiday. Reports had the number of families at 1200!! Also, according to the article: Obama daughters Sasha and Malia joined their parents as the president addressed the military families. Malia Obama turned 11 Saturday. “I should say that there’s also one girl in particular who’s just thrilled that all of you are here — and that is Malia Obama, because this happens to be her birthday, as well,” Obama said, drawing applause. “When she was younger, I used to say that all these fireworks were for her. I’m not sure she still buys that.” – I’m really proud of our President. Oh, and the Foo Fighters rocked the White House lawn.


The Women: The Williams sisters, ahem, rock. Serena beats sister, Venus, in straight sets for her 11th Grand Slam Championship in female singles tennis. The sisters also won their fourth doubles title. This makes sense to the Hokie Guru because, well, they are the best female tennis players ever.

The Men: In a major upset, the USA’s Andy Roddick beat local England favorite, Andy Murray. Roddick will meet Roger Federer in the gentleman’s singles finals. Federer will be playing for a record 15th Grand Slam Championship and the Hokie Guru likes his odds. It was about this time 17 years ago (uggh, how time flies) when the Hokie Guru remembers that four Americans, including Jim Courier, Andre Agassi , John McEnroe, and Pete Sampras, were in the Wimbledown semi-finals… we do not dominate the tennis world as we once did.


Should there be a national college football playoff in the BCS division (the animal formerly known as NCAA Division I football)? Well, here are some pros and some cons.

Personally, the Hokie Guru supports a playoff and here is his plan: We have 12 conferences in the BCS. There will be 16 teams in a four week playoff beginning the week after Thanksgiving… automatic bids go to the winner of each of the 12 conferences. In addition, there will be four at-large bids to the highest ranked teams in the BCS poll from the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Southeastern Conference, the Pacific 10 Conference, the Big 12 Conference, the Big 10 Conference, or the Big East Conference (only two teams maximum can come from each of the power conferences). We then seed the teams 1 to 16, and as the Hokie Guru said earlier, the playoffs begin the week after Thanksgiving (the round of 16 and the quarterfinals)… then the players have two weeks off with their families during the holidays… and then it’s back to two weeks of playoffs, which would include the semi-finals and the finals. The playoff games could be held in the same locations as the existing bowl games so that the cities could maintain their revenue bases. Anyway, it’s an idea that the Hokie Guru supports… get it done on the field, baby.

More Randomness

Huge, huge recruiting coup for the Mick Cronin and the Cincy Bearcats… the news of Lance Stephensen is really, really big… Cincy could be back to the days of old this year… top half of the Big East.

NBA Free Agency

Lotsa stuff going on!! Hedo to Toronto? Trevor Ariza to Houston. Ron Artest to the Lakers. Shaq daddy to Cleveland. Celtics offered a contract to Rasheed Wallace. Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to Detroit… along with former Virginia Tech Hokie, Deron Washington.

Oh, and Phil Jackson coming back to the Lakers.

The Hokie Guru will leave you with this teaser:

RIP Steve McNair. This is very sad… 36 is far too young to die.

Just make sure you live like there is no day but today.

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RIP. Feel for the wife as well. He gets shot while cheating with his g/f.

Sounds like a UC Bearcat. Brings back the days of Huggins when we were good and took everyone with questionable ethics. But at least we won.