Have a question for June 4th panel on Gov 2.0 and the web at the National Press Club?

Hi folks –

I’m moderating a great panel this Thursday AM at the National Press Club:


Speakers include:

– Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist will provide opening remarks.
– Darren Krape, State Department: Public Diplomacy 2.0
– Daniel Luxenberg and Sanjay Koyani, FDA: Gov 2.0 and Peanut Product Recall
– Marcus Peacock, formerly EPA: The Art of Blogging for the Feds
– Stacey Young, USAID: Online Events for Microenterprise Collaboration
– Mark Drapeau, National Defense University: Provocateur

There are still spots available if you’d like to attend. If you can’t but you’d like to suggest a question for the panel, please let me know. We plan to post audio clips of the Q&A on govloop.



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Andrea Schneider

Hi Joe,
My question: Once you’ve set up a successful social network, what have been some of the unexpected challenges? How did you address them? Did you find as the process developed you faced different issues? What were they?

Also: Can you tell us where to find the best applied setting examples of social networks in action? Is this different than other social media?


Michael McCarthy, APR

Using social networking sites for government can create a public forum that cannot be edited or moderated. What challenges does this create, and how have people who successfully use social media sites been able to convenience their organization or attornies to incorprorate public comment?

Rob Ahern

Many social networking applications, sites, and Web 2.0 tools are blocked for governmental and non-governmental workers while at work. When attempting to implement these new tools, how do administrators allow access without negatively affecting productivity? Conversely, how do those interested in adopting these technologies convince skeptics that efficiencies far out-weigh perceived time wasting associated with social networking and dynamic web content? In general, how does one balance access with expectations when the latter are new, unfamiliar, and constantly evolving?


Sounds fun. I would like to ask how the response for the activities have been treated by leadership? Senior, mid, junior? Does it vary by age? How did you overcome the disbelievers? Did you ask for permission or for forgiveness?

Ryan Drewniak

Thank you for taking questions!

How does an organization integrate Gov 2.0 (agile, participatory) tools and the aging, monolithic applications required for performing work?


Joe Pringle

All – great questions! thanks a bunch. Will try to work them in and will post clips once they’re ready.