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Web 2.0 as a Means to $AVE

I just read an article on a new study from Watson Wyatt Worldwide which indicates that employers are looking to get the most out of their HR technology — shocking considering this economy, eh? So what did the survey say about utilizing social networking to communicate internally and making the investment now with the gaol of long-run cost savings and growth?


Web 2.0 is still unknow for many companies, however:
– 23% of companies use social networking to communicate internally
– 19% use podcasts (59% of them are satfisfied with their use)
– 21% use blogs (40% of them are satisfied with their use)
– 15% use wikis (40% of them are satisfied with their use)

Attached is a copy of the article
HR Web2.0 & Saving.pdf

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Cary Casey

Wow, their is definitely a lot more that needs to be communicated to the corporate market regarding social media and who to use it. Thanks for the post!

alex stobart

I am glad I work in web2 and not in HR. Most HR technology is fairly drab, and puts people off their employer. It is nowhere near as engaging as blogs, twitter or the like.

Jim Irwin

I read on the internet that 87.5 % of all statistics are made up. Seriously folks…..you have no idea whether or not there was any statistical acuracy to the survey and I bet the results are presented in a thousand meetings as factual data.


Regardless of the statistics, I think that most organizations are still hesitant to tap into Web 2.0, because they are still waiting for it to go belly up like the first dot com bust. Of those that do jump into Web 2.0 the majority I’ve spoken with aren’t quite sure how to use it effectively to streamline their processes, build the necessary relationships, and grow their business. They tend to feel out the process, throw up a blog/wiki/twitter account and just expect people to flock to them… and it’s that thinking that can cause a lot of frustration with Web 2.0. Whether you are doing a blog, wiki, or something else you still have to consider it a tool that needs to be marketed and advertised in some form or another, because clients/customers/partners don’t just appear.

Peter Keesey

Respectfully Mr Irwin,

Watson Wyatt is well respected in the HR consulting community. Their studies are rigorous and respected. I would caution against rejecting all stats just because bad ones are out there.