Have an Ace in the Hole!


We are living in a day and time where we have a truly diverse workforce. As diversity can have several meanings, we are referring to diversity in the workforce. With more baby boomers working longer and in some cases, some traditionalists still working or returning as boomerangs (see my previous article on “Workforce Trend: The Boomerang Employee”), what are those that plan on taking the golden watch going to do after they retire for good from their careers?

I have known a few people that had no plan. No plan A, plan B, nor a plan C. What do we mean by that? This is the person that has worked all of their lives. They may have been on committees and teams within their respective organizations, however, now that they have truly retired, they literally have no backup plan. They want to do something, but don’t know what to do.

Those of us that are still working, how can we avoid this? That only applies if you want to stay active after retirement, but don’t necessarily want to work.  What’s the answer? Volunteerism is one major solution.

I believe in being proactive and not waiting until something comes knocking at your door. Some people like volunteering in their area of expertise that they had while in the workforce while others enjoy volunteering using skills that they consider hobbies.

Either way, there are volunteer websites, nonprofits, and community organizations. You are the captain of your own ship even as it relates to volunteerism. You decide whether you want to participate in a one-time project or quarterly events. On the other hand, you may be the type that wants something consistent and structured. Either way, it is all up to you.

Our main point is that if you even think this is something you want to do, get your ace in the hole and start researching your options now!

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