Have Customer Withdraw Syndrome? Sit with the Customer

Are you in your own contracting cubicle world? Feel isolated? Sad?

Then you may be experiencing Customer Withdraw Syndrome (CWS).

Take a weekly dose of your customer to fight it.

Sit in the customer’s office for one day per week. Create the actual solicitation in the customer’s office. Don’t just go for a visit. Get a laptop and go sit there one day a week each week. My guess is you’ll experience this: increased motivation and greater sense of urgency. You may even (yelp!) socialize with your customers.

As contract specialists, we have a tendency to crowd into the contracts shop. But that’s like diplomats doing their mission by sitting with only diplomats. You have to get out and talk to people! Just sitting in the contracts shop reinforces bad habits and doesn’t build relationships.

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Jeff Ribeira

Great point Sterling. Is CWS actually a thing? If not, it definitely should be. In any case, I think it’s a great principle and applies to just about anyone who provides some type of service to others (politicians in particular seem prone to this syndrome…)

Maybe we need to organize a 5k or something like that to raise awareness…