Have I become a Web 2.0 Snob?

This week I have spoken to two different civilian companies. I may be looking for a new adventure, and working for a civilian contractor may be the change I need for a few years. But, I am so into high tech gadgets; I think I am becoming a Web 2.0 snob. I don’t know when I arrived at this point. I think it was slowly. Maybe it started with the first VCR that I learned to use. Or maybe with the first CB I had, which I used to find work for a business I used to run. I just know slowly but surely, my mind in the work place has changed. My decisions now are not just based on the benefits the company offers, but also on how a company is embracing new things to increase their bottom line. I also look at how a company would allow an employee to use these tools to do their job. I don’t need health care, I want the latest tools and toys to get my job done. For me a really fast server and a fast laptop will seal the deal. 🙂

*** This portion has been edited by me for a very good reason, I need to eat some crow. Both companies have decided to check out Gov-loop, and have asked me where to locate this website. Companies are willing to change. I love it! ***

It is not just the Government. It is civilian companies as well. I know I have encouraged the Government to embrace the new tools out there, and it is always a hard battle. But, I know I am not willing to start over with the same fight.

Yep… I think I have become a Web 2.0 snob.

Should I start a support group? 🙂 Online of course.

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Scott Bryan

Let’s hope something emerges to force entrepreneurs to create the kind of jobs people would pay to have rather than the kind we’ll only endure for enough perks. It strikes me as the most expensive blunder of our culture–our blindness to the riches of our own spirit and how to harvest them. No one works as hard for what they can as for what they can give. I’m guessing that if we ever do enable everyone to find a role in life that they love having, it will be because we tried to pay people for doing nothing at all.

Amanda Blount

I have a little company that I do on the side. Maybe it is about time I expand my entrepreneural spirit. The things I love about my office now; I really do like my co-workers (not everyone can say that), and there are tons of other perks that I love about my job, but now, I feel I need a new challenge. I need to grow. I don’t want the same ole problems I already have, I want to find a place I can learn more and add onto the experience I already have. But, again, I like my co-workers, and sometimes that makes a world of difference.

Lisa Roper

I’m with you Amanda!!

All these small steps we have taken along the way….to get to this point.

Very exciting stuff!

David Coakley

Enjoyed reading your revelations and entrepreneurial thoughts Amanda. I have been an entrepreneur on and off for over 30 years. It’s NOT all it’s cracked up to be and it is rife with perils, but I wouldn’t trade my roller coaster ride of a life for anything! Feel free to get in touch if you can use a sounding board or help. david[at]govcon.net or david[at]ableveterans.com or david[at]izit.com or david[at]dadz.com or…

Amanda Blount

I agree Lisa – a long way from the beginning. Small steps everyday, I don’t want to start going backward.

Thank you David. I left you a comment on your page. Very interesting stuff you have on your Ableveterans.com

Amanda Blount

Jean – Paul you are so right. I am very surprised to find that the same tech complaints we find in the Government are not any better on the outside, even in big companies. And it is a shame, since many of these programs can decrease overhead, increase the bottom line, and if used correctly, does not increase cost by the same rate as savings.

ED – You are right. I guess we are all here to support each other, because we may all have an inner Web 2.0 snob, even if it is hiding. 🙂