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Member of the Week: GeekChick

I have never met Geekchick but after reading her comments I found her to be a very interesting person. She is one of those really cool people you can talk to for days about anything and everything. She started one of my favorite groups, Geeks in Government, so what is not to like about thisRead… Read more »

Have I become a Web 2.0 Snob?

This week I have spoken to two different civilian companies. I may be looking for a new adventure, and working for a civilian contractor may be the change I need for a few years. But, I am so into high tech gadgets; I think I am becoming a Web 2.0 snob. I don’t know whenRead… Read more »

TAYLOR Swift VMA Video – Oh this makes me mad

Taylor Swift just showed how a lady reacts to someone acting crazy. This just happened a little while ago. Kanye Taylor Swift VMA Outburst Source: Kanye West takes mic from Taylor Swift after she beats front runners Beyonce and Lady Gaga for Best Female Video 2009

The future of the work/life balance – What we can learn from the”The Wild Thornsberrys”

I commented on a statement given by Jerry – It is located here HI Jerry, Great Post. As for the secretary. You could! There are tons of companies right now on the internet, and even personal people, who have your “virtual” 1-800 number forwarded to anyone you want. For instance, my sister, who livesRead… Read more »

Government Needs to hire 270,000 workers in three years

Chris Parente originally posted this story in the telework group. But, I am one who is pushing for more teleworkers, so I thought I would also post it here. As I read that story, I kept thinking of this part, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “The nation’s unsettled economy and high unemployment rate may ease the government’s task,Read… Read more »

Australia discovers new dinosaur

The wonders this earth still hold amazes me everyday. I wonder just how many secrets are on this rock which have not been discovered. Australian palaeontologists say they have discovered a new species of dinosaur on a sheep farm in the northern state of Queensland.

Space shuttle lifts off for ISS

And … then there are lots of wonders “out there” we want to discover. The amount of what we know is just a grain of sand on the beach of what we don’t know. All the knowledge of the earth, the sea, and space will keep humans busy for centuries and centuries. Every question answeredRead… Read more »