The Haves and the Have Not’s


Throughout society, there have always been those who have. ..and those who don’t have. While many Americans believe the poor can rise up from the bottom, statistics show the majority do not. “One of the hallmarks of the American Dream is the belief that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules can achieve economic success,” says Diana Elliott, who manages Pew’s research on economic mobility.

In the art imitate life drama of OWN network, it depicts the lives of individuals who have intertwined to those who do not have. This show keeps me engaged.

The series follows three families and their lifestyles as they intersect with one another. The rich and powerful (“The Haves”) and the underprivileged and less fortunate (“The Have Not’s”). The Young family is headed by a single mother. Each of the families experience similar hardships and plights.

Hoffman (2008) discussed this phenomenon in organizations. Often, the plights, we see every day and perhaps fail to recognize are those who have and those who have not. Although one may argue that this show is a silly night-time drama; it certainly portrays the issues we all face as human beings such as family disagreements, betrayal, relationships and work life. After all, aren’t we family in our specific agencies where in our workspace the haves and the have not’s are clearly represented.


High positions but no substantial output

Cronyism and nepotism

A family network in the workplace

Pre-conditioned to succeed

Appears to be financially secure

Well connected with unlimited opportunities

The outside may show an enviable face of success…but the inside

Have Not’s

Complains of being a single parent and that’s why they need a promotion

Often times whine about finances

Pigeon hole into positions


Fewer opportunities for career growth

Despite not having, the have not’s may have the gift of virtue and a strong sense of family and spirituality/faith

I have a great federal position that I enjoy. I enjoy doing for others and making an impact on individuals’ lives. I have been given a great opportunity to write in a forum, GovLoop that is accessed my many. I hope the information I have written was thought –provoking enough to inspire and propel.

I am grateful to GovLoop.

Having the experience to be on both sides provides a balance and I serve as an advocate for those who have not. It is undoubtedly nice to have. However, just because one fall in the “have “class does not mean they are above the have not’s. Integrity, credibility and compassion for others are much better to have than a high position or financial success.

According to Steven Covey, there are enough in the universe for all of us to have.

This article is based solely on the author’s opinions and experiences.

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Camilla Nawaz

I am also so glad that GovLoop provides us with a forum in which to connect with those outside of our socioeconomic class, location, and government agency. The reach of social media is vast, isn’t it!