Health Care 2010

I know our Country is divided over the new Health Care Bill. In short, the new Health Care Bill will insure coverage for every U.S. Citizen and will cost almost 1 trillion. However, I personally like what it will do in the short term and in the long term. The denial of coverage for pre existing conditions as defined by insurance companies will become a thing of past. Can you imagine the relief to all those citizens who were affected by this single rule. A few years ago, when my daughter turned 22, she was dropped from my family health insurance policy. So she had to go on her own and get a basic health insurance at a cost of $ 400 a month. she didn’t have a job. Even if she had a job, she had to be in the job for a year to become eligible to participate in her employer provided health insurance. Imagine the anguish and financial burden on the young adults as they leave college and enter the job market. In a couple of years my son will turn 22 and this time he can covered under my health insurance until he is 26. What a relief. If this new bill is going to add a few hundred dollars to my tax, then so be it. I think we all can offord to pay a little more in taxes so all the citizens of this great county can enjoy the benfits of this new Health Insurance Bill. Of course there are elements within the Bill that I don’t like. But this is a starting point and we can work in harmony to mitigate the impacts of the bad provisions. God Bless America.

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AJ Malik

I agree that the US health care system status quo is dysfunctional, despite being one of the best health care systems in the world. Whether you are a health care prospective subscriber, subscriber, patient, or even health care provider, the lack of inclusiveness, the exorbitant health care delivery costs, the practice of “defensive” medicine, and the less than equitable insurance reimbursements to Primary Care practitioners, Internists, and other Generalists, all of which there is a nationwide shortage of, is not only unacceptable, but is indeed bankrupting the country, and heading for disastrous outcomes, especially with a booming geriatric population. I also agree that the new Health Care bill, which looks nothing like the original, due to partisan and special interest forces (Yes, the health care lobby is probably second to the #1 financial lobby) is indeed a work in progress.