HELP! Active duty spouse to transfer–as a GS what are my options?

My husband is active duty– and his detailer is saying he is going to have him go to SanDiego or Portland– more than likely it will be Portland because my husbands family lives in Eugene.

My questions are as follow:

(1) Anyone know of work in that area? (government–I am a Public Affairs Specialist–but willing to do other things)

(2) Do I have options if my husband is PCS’d?

(3) Any other advice?

V/R- Jennifer

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Doris Tirone

Hey Jen… I know the Navy and the Air Force have bases there (at opposite ends of the island). Connect with CIVPERS in Hawaii (or their branch offices in Guam) to see if they have a vacancy into which you could directly Transfer (rather than compete). Good luck.

Doris Tirone

if your current employer is willing to carry in an LWOP status for the next year, you could use that time to find a Fed job after you arrive in Guam too. That way your SCD dates won’t have to be recomputed due to a break in service.

Carol Davison

If you find a job at a lower grade than you posses that you wish to applyl for you can use save pay to reserve your current salary. That is about as much as I know about the program. A staffing specialist can fillyou in.