Help Build GovTwit: Use New “Recommend” Button

The guys over at Floxee have added new functionality to make it easier for the Gov 2.0 community to add names to the GovTwit directory.

Look for the new “Recommend Someone” button on the homepage. You can now click this button, add a Twitter ID and related tags and hit “recommend.” The entry will then be reviewed and added to the list!

You can add new tags in addition to existing tags, and the tag fields will even offer auto-complete suggestions based on what you are typing (see example below).

Know of a name that should be in the directory? Recommend someone today!

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Find the Recommend on GovTwit.com

Auto-complete for tagging

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Steve Lunceford

We’ve had first two submissions, but I’d love to see more. If there are GovLoopers with Twitter IDs at an agency or with a contractor, media, etc that tweets about the “biz of govt” feel free to add yourself. Striving to review submissions daily.