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Hey all, at Local Government Group we’re trying to redo the guidance for councillors on social media. But sooo much social has happened in a year. I’ve made a little list of examples you can help us out with, please! You’ll be fully credited and your contributions will help councils and councillors use social media and open data more effectively.

I need examples of how COUNCILLORS and COUNCILS (in the UK mainly, but would love to hear about other places, too) are using social media well. In particular:

Councillor examples (I’m really just looking for one or two paras – or even briefer!! 140 characters will do!)

  • a one or two paragraph example of a councillor or councillors using video effectively to reach local people.
  • a councillor using a wiki or collaborative writing tool like mixed ink , an idea generating and voting platform like UserVoice or some other collaboration software to have policy consultations.
  • a councillor using Flickr or other kinds of shared images to celebrate a local area or highlight problems.
  • a councillor using open data effectively or taking an active and championing role in promoting open data
  • councillors and/or councils using social media effectively to support scrutiny.
  • councillors (perhaps particularly leaders) using social approaches to communicate priorities with staff – i.e. through an internal tool like Yammer – or some other approach…
  • great examples of a councillor engaging with a hyperlocal site

Council examples:

  • councils using social media or web and multi-media to engage with people in advance of local elections or to communicate results.
  • councils (or other local public services) using social media monitoring well.
  • councils using social media for internal comms
  • councils that are developing/ using iPhone or Android apps well
  • cool, creative uses of social media to promote cultural events (maybe something you’ve just launched for summer fun???)
  • great use of social media during emergencies (e.g. snow, fire, flood, pestilence!) – very happy to use international examples on this one.

If you have any examples…please leave them in the comments, tweet me @ingridk, or drop me an email at [email protected]

If your example is already “out there”, I’ll probably feature it on my local case study blog, too.


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