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Building perfectly open websites

Today I spoke at a SOCITM conference on Building Perfect Council Wesbsites. The title’s a bit funny, I think. Perfection is an impossible goal. But the great thing about the web is that you can keep on perfecting. Maybe they should have called the event building better and even better websites, but I suppose thatRead… Read more »

Performance managing your social media: Part 1

Measuring the effectiveness of your social media effort: Or answering the really tough questions from people who are a little bit nervous about social media. At the recent LocalGovCamp, I was asked to present a session on performance management for social media. This is a little like performance managing telephone use. Yes, you can measureRead… Read more »

It’s the network

The other night my sister-in-law was visiting. She and my husband are in the same trade – tertiary education – so naturally they spend a lot of time talking shop. The internal politics, the slipping standards, and the cheating. Oh, the cheating! Or plagiarism. Or sloppy referencing. Or as seems particularly popular these days, justRead… Read more »

It may come as no surprise

It’s been a rough old seven months or so. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that navigating a major organisational restructure is a walk in the park. And no matter how much you were expecting it, seeing your job title on the list of deleted posts comes as visceral punch. I believe that I’ve doneRead… Read more »

May flowers: the social media CoP roundup

Some exciting stuff going on right now! Baroness Hanham from the Department of Communities and Local Government is hosting an online discussion on how councils and the voluntary sector can work more closely together. Has there been enough in the mix about digital collaboration? Runs through the 26th – check it out. Representatives from DemenShareRead… Read more »

Election tales

via As part of a community reporters project, local people used a variety of social media to cover the local elections in Kirklees. Some really interesting coverage of election night, candidacy and the roles of the people who make elections run smoothly. See it all at Election Tales Share/Bookmark Original post