Help Wanted: Drone Pilots for U.S. Southern Border

If you are an out of work drone pilot, fear no more. You will now be able to pay your mortgage and feed your kids. There is a shortage of remote pilots for unmanned aerial vehicles for monitoring the southern U.S. border. Though, there is one hick up. Officials told a House Homeland Security Panel last week that safety concerns are slowing down the actual usage of drones in U.S. airspace. Although the FAA recently approved the use of a UAV for South Texas, and the FAA has streamlined the review process for applications to use the unmanned craft for border security and emergency purposes, the limited safety and operational data available does not support expedited or full integration into the national air space. So, once these safety concerns are quelled, all of you unemployed drone pilots will be back to work, collecting the almighty pay check. Of course the reality is that there is a shortage of pilots and operators, specifically pilots with specialized training who can launch and land the aircraft. Read more on got geoint? here.

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