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Mapping a Customer’s Journey: An Exercise to Benefit Any Business Selling to Government

As the D.C. business community is dealing with many challenges these days, it is always good to keep all of your customer service capabilities as sharp as possible. With fewer dollars to chase, the competition is getting very stiff and contractors need to embrace new ideas for keeping government customers happy. I recently had theRead… Read more »

BYOD Toolkit Reinforces Need for Rapid and Agile IT Solutions

The new BYOD guidance required under the Obama Administration’s Digital Government Strategy released last month encourages agencies to allow personal devices and smartphones at work. While not mandatory, the new guidance – created by a digital advisory group that worked with the Federal Chief Information Officers Council – lays out key considerations, as well asRead… Read more »

What is Your Strategy for Fiscal-Year End Buying Season?

I’m sure a lot of you are in high sales mode as we wrap up another federal fiscal year buying season. You are implementing your sales and call plans and the pressure is on to produce. David Sonde, managing partner at Winvale, recently provided end-of-the-fiscal-year sales advice to GovPro that you might find valuable. AlongRead… Read more »

Washington Technology Fast 50 Reinforces Need for Small Business Innovators

For many smaller companies servicing the government market, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle sometimes. The Washington Technology Fast 50 has changed all of this by focusing on the top small business innovators. This year’s Fast 50 list is unique because many new players made the cut, reinforcing that government isRead… Read more »

Incumbent Contractors: Never Assume Success When Re-Competing

here was a time when incumbent contractors had the luxury of assuming they would win a re-compete. This mindset was often founded upon the organic, year-over-year growth that had become common over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, contractors no longer have the luxury of basing their business development strategies on assumptions. Just because a governmentRead… Read more »

Despite Proposed Cuts, Opportunities Lay Ahead in Cybersecurity and Health Care for Contractors

According to a recent GovWin IQ study by Deltek, spending on government IT will decrease spending from $121 billion in 2012 to $113 billion by 2017. Budget pressures and IT mandates are driving this change. But, there is a silver lining. Cybersecurity and health IT will be growth areas, and IT cost-savings initiatives will beRead… Read more »

GAO Report Signals Opportunity for Contractors in Agile Software Development

Applying agile software development methods to IT projects has been a hot topic as of late at the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The agency recently unveiled a report highlighting its 32 tips for applying agile development to help improve how the federal government will develop and implement IT infrastructure projects. Specifically, these tips focus onRead… Read more »

Mentor-Protégé Programs Provide Opportunity for Small Businesses

When doing business with government, it’s not always easy for small businesses to get a leg up. Prime contractors have the resources, relationships and tools for capturing significant pieces of business, which can leave smaller contractors behind. Thanks to mentor-protégé programs, small contractors can compete more successfully and develop the innovations that government needs byRead… Read more »

NIST Security Guidelines: Next Step in Truly Mobile Government

Whether dealing with highly classified intelligence data or managing bring your own device (BYOD) policies, security has been one of the biggest hurdles to a mobile government. NIST recently issued its draft recommendation for securing mobile devices for government agencies, which include: Enforcing Security Policies Data Communication and Storage User and Device Authentication Solutions RestrictingRead… Read more »

Agencies Under Scrutiny to Provide Better Customer Service

Providing the highest level of customer service is paramount for any industry. For the federal government – whether it’s the I.R.S or the Department of Veterans Affairs – a diverse audience of citizens, military personnel and other government employees make the requirements of good customer service more complex than in other businesses. A new bipartisanRead… Read more »