Help Wanted: Government Efficiency Expert

The City of Philadelphia wants to hire an efficiency expert.

The Nutter administration issued a request for proposals soliciting qualified firms to submit credentials to become an “Overhead Cost and Revenue Collection Consultant” to deal with multiple city agencies.

Philly.com News reports:

“On the cost side, the city is looking for an outside analysis of its utility bills, gasoline purchases, leasing, supply, and advertising costs, and outside legal fees.

The city also wants an independent review of billing and collection practices, covering the Revenue Department and at least four other departments that bill for city services.

“Our basic goal is really to be the most efficient government that we can be,” said city Budget Director Rebecca Rhynhart.”

Would you support hiring such a consultant for your community? Is this something that can or should be done internally by existing staff or does it make sense to hire an outside consultant?


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