Help your Team help your customers. Service is more stressful during the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! For some of us, this is a happy time of year. For others, it is an especially stressful time of year. And it is always a very busy time of year. Keep yourself well-prepared for what this season brings with these helpful tips.

Keep your expectations for the holiday season reasonable. Don’t put too much meaning into the idea that everything has to be perfect. Be flexible – not everything has to be perfect to be fun.

Take care of yourself by eating right, getting exercise, and getting enough sleep. These activities will help you feel great and will even help lower your stress level.

Give yourself permission to limit your activities to an enjoyable level. There are many parties, school functions, and Secret Santas at work this time of year. Over committing takes the fun out of the festive season and tasks your time, energy and financial resources.

Make time to see the key people in your life that are always positive and uplifting.

Take care of yourself and you will be better prepared to take care of others, including all the customers who may behaving a lot of stress of

their own.

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