Hidden Superpowers of Balanced Creative Teams

I’m always intrigued by team dynamics, what makes good ones work well? what causes problems? etc. We’ve all likely worked in great and not so great environments. So what makes a great team and what attributes should you look for when building your team?

In a recent article on 99u.com Emily Cohen wrote about “The 5 hidden superpowers of balanced creative teams”

She suggests that the 5 key attributes are:

  1. The Cheerleader
  2. The Industry Activist
  3. The Emotional Quarterback
  4. The Enforcer
  5. The Political Navigator

Combined together, they make for a powerful, well-balanced, and effective culture that is:

  • drama free and enjoyable
  • easily able to avoid or mitigate speed bumps
  • free of unhealthy attitudes that often position the client and other departments as the enemy rather than partner and advocate

Looking at your team can you identify someone for each of these roles? Are there any “superpowers” that you would add to the list?

Originally posted on www.govlife.ca

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