Hosting SecondLife Orientations Focus of March 9 Virtual Worlds for Engmt Mtg

Please join us this coming Wednesday (tomorrow!) for our March Virtual Worlds
for Stakeholder Engagement Working Group. This month’s meeting focuses on the
subject “Orientations to Second Life.” Beth Offenbacker/PublicDecisions (Bettina Mint in SL) and Hope Kandel
Gershik/Learning Times (Rye Checchinato in SL) will speak on the key elements of hosting an
effective Second Life orientation for folks new to the technology. Participants
are also encouraged to bring their own materials, resources and tips to
Date: Wednesday 9
Time: 16:00
York (see www.worldtimeserver.com for your
respective time zone)
RSVP to Beth Offenbacker at [email protected].
This group is free and the meeting is open to anyone
interested in attending; you must have a Second Life account (they’re free) to
participate. We’ll convene at our regular meeting spot on Squirrel Island. The group is co-sponsored by
PublicDecisions and Learning Times.
Our April 13 meeting will feature the subject, “How to
Hold a Virtual Deliberation in Second Life.” Bill Corbett/The Center for Voter
Deliberation of Northern Virginia (Jim Acacia in SL) and Craig
Paterson/Deliberative IDEAS (Giarc Glenwalker in SL) will provide a practical
overview of the steps they took for planning and hosting recent virtual
deliberations in Second Life. Stay tuned for

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