Changes That Help Women Business Owners Grow Through Government Contracting

Businesses have the opportunity to grow their revenues through government contracting. According to, the federal government spends over $500 billion annually on goods and services.

Thanks to changes in federal policy, women-owned businesses have a greater chance to win government contracts. The Women-Owned Small Business Program, recently created by the Small Business Administration (SBA), better positions women-owned businesses to get their fair share of government contracts. As a female business owner, are you ready to take advantage of this exciting opportunity?

The OPEN Insight Guide, Government Contracting: Women in Procurement,, has all the tips you need to get started. []

Within this guide, you’ll find:

* Excerpts from a roundtable discussion with government-contracting experts and small business owners who have experience in government contracting
* A list of eligible industries
* Interview with Ann Sullivan, head of government relations for Women Impacting Public Policy ( WIPP)
* List of resources for women in government contracting
* Checklist for the program’s eligibility requirements

It’s never been easier to find out what you need to know to win a government contract and grow your business.

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