How 2 Live Regret Free

The late great Steve Jobs once said “If today were the last day of my life…would I want to do what I have to do today?”

Ben Sands, Founder and CEO of Regret Free Life, shared with the attendees of NextGen 2013 how to life a regret free life and as future leaders how not to regret your decisions.

He posed the question – “what does the last day of your life look like?” Were you:

  • healthy
  • respected
  • loved
  • making a difference
  • comfortable with your decisions

Great leaders have to make decisions and regret free leaders know their beliefs and values. The quality of decisions is what sets some leaders apart. Quality of decisions equals quality of life.

Great leaders must define their personal “code” which is tied to their beliefs and values. Your challenge is to find your code; your choice is to uphold it. You must clarify your code in order to live an extraordinary life.

What keeps us from living an extraordinary life? FEAR – the fear of success AND the fear of failure.

As future leaders, what is your personal code?

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