How Decisive Analytics Corporation will be Changing the World Over the Next Year

I was recently challenged by my boss by a revenue goal over the next three years. Revenue goals are kind of this necessary evil for those of us managers in the technology arena. We have to have them, but we don’t necessarily like them. Also, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot get up in front of my staff and say “We’re going to set a goal of $XM in the next three years!” where X is some large number, and have them get excited. It’s well documented that this just does not excite the technical folks.

So I started thinking about all of the cool work that we are doing here at DAC. I started thinking about ways that I can take this revenue goal and translate into specific actions that will get our superb staff pumped up and excited. We have quite a few interesting products, projects, and technologies in our company so as I was driving home from the meeting I started asking myself “What goal could we put in the ground for each product, project, or technology we have over the next year that would really knock people back on their heels? What would be so impressive that others would just be completely bewildered that we can do something so impressive?”

I got home and started writing ideas down. Here is the initial list:

1. To store and index UAV video in a way that makes it searchable based on observed activities.
2. The ability to identify objects in UAV video and automatically understand their behavior.
3. The ability to identify and predict a terrorist attack in the maritime domain.
4. A revolutionary way to visualize relationships between entities and events that separates us from the
traditional “entity-network view”.
5. To predict an event (or some suspicious activities) based on the input of vast amounts of structured and unstructured
6. To predict a cyber attack is about to occur against the DAC network.

As I said, this is just the initial list. I have challenged the staff to come up with their own ideas of a great demonstration over the next year. Over the next two weeks we should flush out these ideas, assign “owners” to the challenges and press forward. Those ideas without owners will be dropped from the list. The plan is to demo these capabilities on real data at our next annual meeting in the March timeframe of next year.

As we refine the list over the next few weeks I will post it and you can watch us make progress.

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Written by Jim Nolan, Vice President of IS Products and Innovation

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