How does your agency use customer service data?

GovLoop Research Report: Re-Imagining Customer Service In Government

GovLoop is proud to announce our latest resource, The GovLoop Research Report: Re-Imagining Customer Service in Government. In this report, experts in the field provide best practices on how to improve customer service in government. Be sure to check out the report home page for all the latest GovLoop Customer Service Resources.

So you take customer service satisfaction surveys, and other data as a metric of your performance, but what do you do with this data after you obtain it? This research revealed that agencies face challenges in using customer service data. Finding a way to ask the right questions in order to make decisions for a wide range of customers is quite the challenge.

However, from the research, there are some strategies you can adopt in order to streamline this process, and make it easier to utilize this data in a meaningful way. Here are three that surfaced during our research:

  1. Consolidate Data Silos Instead of having data spread out and inaccessible across agencies, data should be shared and centralized so metrics can be standard across government.

  1. Identify Metrics that are Performance Drivers It is crucial that agencies identify their core performance drivers for customer service, and identify metrics that will measure these drivers effectively.

  1. Develop Customer Service Standards and Metrics for Agency In order to strengthen the metrics, it is important to strengthen the standards they are build upon first. With stronger standards and metrics, agencies can eventualy move to leverage this data effectively.

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Does your agency collect customer service data?
What are your agencies standards and metrics?

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