How-To: Find That Perfect Social Media User Name the Easy Way

It’s once again “how-to Monday” and in an effort to continue the trend of how to “best use those social media tools freely available to all to make our lives easier” I’m sharing a new ‘easy’ site with you. And it doesn’t get much easier than knowem. Put simply it’s a one-stop shop to ensure you maintain your social media presence by way of your chosen name.

There isn’t any real secret to it- and it’s the opinion of many that in the world of new media resources your brand, be it your name or product, is the most important thing you have to gain or hold on to in today’s game. The pace of service introduction is fast and furious- and unless your the social media guy at a firm like Google you’ll be hard pressed to keep up on your own. That’s where the site knowem comes in. With the hundreds (literally 300+) of sites listed you’ll see how hard it could be, but they make it easy.

Kownem not only gives you all the sites in the world (well, maybe not the world but…) it also lets you search to see if that special name you want/have is taken or not. It then goes further and gives you the option to create an account with a service if your chosen name is available. And if your among those who are willing to pay (I’m not one of such) you can have the folks at knowem do your bidding to create your accounts. Why’s it such a big deal to ensure your name is yours- well assume you’re working on the next be super-duper cool site but didn’t even check to see if you’d be able to get the associated Twitter name? In today’s social climate not having your name of choice could be considered a bad ju-ju thing.

Anyhow- knowem allows you to get/keep/find that perfect name for the plethora of service out there. Now it’s up to you to find said name. Good luck!

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