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The Coast Guard Photo Contest 2010 has started!

The Coast Guard’s 2010 People’s Choice photo contest is currently underway and the first five of the overall 40 are quite impressive (much like last year). If this is the caliber of photos we can expect for all 40 this is might be a little hard to choose… Nonetheless we’ll have to do this oneRead… Read more »

The State of the Coast Guard Address… what’s ADM Papp going to say? [opinion]

We’re just around the corner, historically speaking, from the annual State of the Coast Guard Address and though I dare not think to know what ADM Bob Papp may speak about, if only for the fact that there’s an unlimited amount of things that are on his plate, I happened across a great resource givingRead… Read more »

How to: Setup and use a short URL with your blog (updated)

This is a cross post from This is an update to my “how-to” for using a short URL (or any URL) with your favorite blogging platform and a multitude of social networks. In my last post on the subject I was making use of a the plugin ‘Shorten2Ping’ by Samuel Aguilera; well, I’m sorryRead… Read more »