How to Inventively Repurpose Meeting Notes

How to inventively repurpose the best “take away” notes

I once attended an all-day meeting that was being hosted by an important National Veteran Service Organization (VSO) around town. The conference was well attended. The guest speakers had so much vision to share with the audience. The topics of discussion aligned in the agenda told me that the word selections could probably be used again in varying contexts.

Possessing 40+ years of civil service, one skillset I have continued to innovatively develop relative to note-taking is ways in which to capture the significance of the speaker’s delivery. Absorbing the emotional and mental connections while listening to the guest speakers impart their passion with caring for the vulnerable protected class, makes for a strategically purposeful platform.

During this last all day “Convening in 2019,” I was determined to somehow leave that conference with takeaways that I could incorporate into my own life lessons. I wanted to leave that gathering with my personal “NO WASTE” community connection for sharing information, with remaining connected inside of my personal lifestyle, what I would share with my family, the general public seeking advice and just overall good table topics for group discussion.

From this “Convening in 2019” I came away with this “Call to Action.” I purposefully drafted two words from each speaker and composed this “Ode to Myself:” titled, My Song to Live By! Try this at your next all-day meeting! Logical flow is important. The fragments provided here are not in the presentation order. My method is to only use two words that I hear or words that grab at me. From those two words, I crafted the below rhapsody:

Call to Action – Back to Nature! The journey begins here! Nothing is impossible. Unaware of what lies ahead. Take one action in support of. MISSION- COMMUNITY-VISION. Make the time to make your mark. LOOK – EQUIP – EXECUTE, REPEAT. Find your niche. Setup a “Nature’s Escape” for SUCCESS! Learning curve – Community supports and services. Validate the experience. See the horizon. Tune out noise! Make a connection with people and nature. Game changer. No waste! Becoming aware and adjusting. Landmark experiences. Solicit feedback. Drive up to the door! Map a journey map for mental outlets. Establish a “toolkit.” Be accountable. Acquaintances, not friends. Establish relationships. Transparency. Be bold, brief, gone! Always a way to make life better. Move into an “escape.” Run deep, run hard. Means of predictability. Means of connecting back to oneself. Invisible wounds and illnesses. Eureka moments. Landmarks, day-to-day events. Run hard, run deep. No telephones. No Wi-Fi. Minimalist living. Seven by Nineteen. Maximal adventures. Constellation of activities and amenities.  Commitment to health and wellness. Lie around and recharge. Nature’s Escape. Create – Contribute – Prosper!

Alice Boone is a GovLoop Featured Contributor. She has 40+ years of distinguished service in the federal government. Ms. “M” began her career in 1979, with the Department of Transportation, D.C. In 1984, Ms. “M” accepted a position with the Department of Defense. In 1993, she accepted a position with the National Science Foundation (NSF). Ms. “M” joined Veterans Affairs in 2008. In 2009, Ms. “M” volunteered at the White House under President Obama for three years. As of February 2020. Ms. “M” continues to display treasured skillsets as a Program Analyst.

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❤️It’s remarkable that someone can stay in the service of the federal government for 40+ years and still look young and continue to have a positive experience. Your listing of four techniques to stay in the game to have positive end results could possibly help others to reflect on their work habits to see if they could employ any one of them to have a satisfying result. Your tips are helpful and thoughtful.! JB