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HP Family Better Together

I wanted to share a post from HP’s Mark Budgell on last week’s announcement that our PC business will remain part of HP. As we have said throughout the evaluation process, we absolutely stand by our PC products and customers, and we’re excited to continue doing so together with HP.


A couple months ago, when HP announced it was considering alternatives for its PC business, I wrote a bullish post about our future. Today, after announcing that the PC business will remain part of HP, I still feel the same way.

This market is huge, shipping 1 million PCs a day. HP is the leading PC maker with a profitable $40 billion business. And everyone here is really dedicated to creating great products for our whole range of customers.

Thousands of hours were spent understanding how extracting the PC business would impact everything from supply chain to product development and brand image. Our leadership teams were locked in boardrooms late into many evenings. You could tell from the tired-but-determined look on their faces, and their coffee consumption, that no one was taking it lightly.

When the news was first announced, what might have been missed was that this was more than just a cost-benefit analysis. That was definitely part of it, but the larger goal was to ensure that the world’s leading PC company and one of the finest technology companies is firing on all cylinders.

For obvious reasons, I can’t share what’s on the product roadmap. I can say that our team is more committed than ever to building innovative, quality products for our customers around the world. And we’re thankful to all the customers who have remained fans of our products during the last couple of months.

PSG and HP: We’re better together, and we’re pumped.

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