HR=Humans Represent: The L Word That Works For You

After reading a recent survey conducted to learn more about the role of leaders producing healthy, high performing teams, and learning how employees felt about their job as a source of fulfillment – it got me to thinking most people probably could use one word to categorize their job. So, I’m curious – which L word is it that best describes the relationship you have with your job? Really think about it for a moment. The truth of the matter is, people spend half of their waking hours at work, so hopefully you get some sort of enjoyment out of it. Got your answer? If so, you are probably wondering how your workplace marriage compares to other employees. Here’s the results from a recent survey:

LIKE– 60% said the purpose of their job is to provide income so they can enjoy other aspects of their lives
LOATHE– 11% say the job is a drain on their energy and happiness
LOVE– 26% of people say they find their jobs a major source of happiness and fulfillment in their lives

Some other results from this Nation-wide telephone survey:

  • How fulfilling one is in their job seems to increase with education and income
  • Those with greatest job satisfaction were those in mid-career (ages 45-54)
  • Men were more likely than women to feel fulfilled in their jobs

I picked three L words applicable for employees, but on the flip side, I chose one L word which I believe is applicable to employers:

LOST– 100% of employers should be worried about lost productivity

Management should realize that employees who see little intrinsic value in their work are not as productive as they could be. Fact is, that workplace marriage isn’t going to be healthy if employees aren’t first engaged!

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AJ Malik

Nice one, Harlan! All kidding aside, perhaps Live (should replace Like): the purpose of their job is to provide income so they can enjoy other aspects of their lives; whereas Like: find their jobs to be a source of happiness and fulfillment in their lives; and Love: find their jobs to be a “major” source of happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Henry Brown

I haven’t felt that I simply liked a job for at least 30 years, Maybe it is because about that time I became somewhat financially secure or felt that my skills were good enough that having a job was not going to be a concern. Have had a couple of jobs/assignments over those 30 years that I truly loathed, but most of them I believe that I could classify them as jobs that I loved although would be somewhat hard-pressed to use that term, These jobs/assignments were very rewarding, and I felt that I was contributing something to the “relationship” and that I provided an excellent Return on Investment.

Andrew Krzmarzick

I love my job…definitely.

Mostly because I get to help folks find people and information that makes their life easier/better.

Of the other 7-8 jobs I’ve held, it was probably 7 Like / 1 Loathe

@AJ – Really appreciate the “Live” designation over Like…

Bryan Conway JD, PMP

I’m guessing the 26% of those who love their jobs are probably not working in “cube land”!

The reality of it is that most of the tasks that an employer will pay you to do are not fun. For every job that inspires love, there are many more that are endured simply because the bills need to be paid.