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HR=Humans Represent: What You Do On Friday May Get You Hired

It’s true, don’t kid yourself. For those who find themselves lost in the sea of unemployment, trying to find work is hard work! The job search is more than just classified ads these days (have you noticed how much the employment opportunities in Sunday’s paper has shrunk so much as to be almost non-existent?) If you aren’t networking with others face-to-face or online, then you truly aren’t working! One of the latest and greatest ways to network is by utilizing social media (if you’re reading this and have a GovLoop account, then you’re well on your way). So, if you are out of work, currently employed but looking for the next opportunity, happen to be a recruiter, or want to help individuals find jobs – you might be interested in this blog about Hire Friday. If you tried to Google Hire Friday, you might not find much about it (it started just a few months ago in Ohio of all places), and it’s definitely catching on. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Hire Friday is not a company, but rather a group of individuals who have jobs, are aware of job openings, and who are actively looking for jobs. To network yourself fully via Hire Friday one should utilize Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Job seekers and employers log into their Twitter accounts each Friday to share their availability for work, or their job opportunities. All one needs to do us use the hashtag #HireFriday in their tweet about what it is their looking for. This tweet is typically includes a link to their profile on LinkedIn. Job seekers and employers may also log into their Facebook account, locate Hire Friday’s Facebook page, and provide much the same information (they request your name, job title, location, industry, and any other descriptive key words).

The best part of all of this? It’s FREE…. and something that recruiters and job seekers can definitely appreciate these days! So, there’s no excuse to get online and get working!!

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Shamair Faison

Hello Tricia,
Great article I wanted to pass this info along, but I could not find the fan page on fb? I searched groups for HIRE FRIDAY…..


Awesome, I’ve been trying to invite more folks to join GovLoop and it’s posts like these that should make them want to be a part of this.

Debra Fitzwater

Great tool! How can I help? I post job openings and helpful career advice on our Facebook page everyday. Members and participants can interact with federal HR folks, engage other members, and learn about the federal hiring process. You can find us under PreEmpt Career Solutions.
Take care.

Debra Fitzwater
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