Hurricane Sandy and Enterprise Technology: Especially Federal Technologists


This is not a weather site, but we sure know some good ones and we bet you are already all over the news about Sandy. We are a technology site and have a message for all technologists within ear shot. We are a DC area blog, and so many of our friends and readers are in the Northern VA, DC and Maryland area. Many of you have jobs in the federal enterprise or in companies that serve them. Many others work at the great telecom and cloud computing providers and ISPs with facilities in the area. All of you are very important to the smooth functioning of your enterprise and even the nation so we wish you very well in this time of local crisis.

But are most important message is this: Be sure you are ready at home and are ready to support your family in this crisis. There should be no doubt that they are the most important focus of your crisis preparations right now. I know I’m just stating the obvious here, but thought I would do that anyway. We all want our enterprise IT to work please plan ahead, be sure your family will be fine so if you are recalled to fix your data center you will be able to respond.

You know what to do, the radio, TV and social media are full of the right advice for you to follow.

I have one other suggestion. If you are in the DC, Northern VA and Maryland areas, check out the list below and at TwitChimp on Twitter feeds to follow during Hurricane Sandy. This list is available at:

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