I Doubted DISA’s Sole Source Justification: But have come to my senses now


DISA2 150x150 I Doubted DISAs Sole Source Justification: But have come to my senses nowDISA is a large organization with many moving parts and. They have had some huge successes (which I should write more about, they deserve lots of love for doing things no other organization on the planet has ever done, from providing the largest encrypted mesh of comms in the globe to providing the largest single e-mail system for an enterprise, ever).

But still, there is something about human nature to always doubt things you don’t fully understand and something particularly American about not trusting government organizations (Gourley’s will never forget what the US Army did to our side-businesses during the 1794 Whiskey Rebellion!). So I have to admit, I fell into the trap of thinking DISA had just totally screwed up by deciding to avoid a full and open competition in awarding a $45Million Dollar sole source award for a Large Data Object Storage (LDOS).

It is easy to criticize them for this. It would just take a little time and energy to run a fast procurement and let industry come back and tell the government how it could accomplish this mission and meet the needs. Although this is very unique, there are always engineering trades that can be done to find the best solution. So my first thoughts, I have to admit, were not flattering of DISA.

But when I slowed to think logically about this I realized I had been far too quick to think badly of DISA. Now I realize what is going on. And DISA I’m behind you 100% of the way on this. You guys might catch some flack, but you are ready for that I’m sure. Keep your nose to the grindstone and keep on pressing. You are doing this for all the right reason and should not be slowed down by any pot shots from the peanut gallery. And if any in industry think you have cause to challenge this, well, dont. The only thing industry should be doing at a time like this is asking the award winner if there is anything that can be done to help in this effort. They are going to be challenged to deliver some incredible capabilities and although I’m sure they have a great team on this there is a chance they could use more help. One thing no one in government or on the awarded team need right now is distraction.

So, DISA, sorry I doubted you. Keep up the great work. And keep pressing on!

 I Doubted DISAs Sole Source Justification: But have come to my senses now

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