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I Need A Minion

I need two minions, actually, and they’ve just advertised the vacancies for them on USAJOBS They’re program/management analyst positions for status candidates at the GS-12 and GS-13 levels. If you have deep technical expertise in any administrative field, mad writing skeelz, no fear of technology, and a desire to branch out into looking at administrative services beyond your own background, take a look.

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Kirsten Burgard

Great sounding job, especially with your appeal for the minions, but this:

Comprehensive knowledge of the Bureau’s administrative programs,
key operating objectives and policies, organizational capabilities,
and current public diplomacy programs, sufficient to analyze,
evaluate, and review program information, perform a variety of
analytical studies/projects, and to serve as a focal point for
information relating to the areas of assignment.

Seems to pretty much exclude all except State Department employees?

Andre Goodfriend

If you need a minyan, you could try Go Daven.com. They claim to have “Thousands of Minyan Listings, updated daily”. And, if that’s not the kind of minyan you’re looking for, they could still pray that you find one.

Allen Sheaprd

Of all the ‘want ads” I’ve ever read this was the funniest. Quick, to the point and with personality – not just another stamped out “want ad” Good to see we have personality and soul! (was once told if they really thought I needed a wife, soul or personality one would have been issued to me, move on)

Will pass the URL on but agree with Kristen – it looks pretty restrictive.

Joe Flood

Sorry, nothing personal but I have a pet peeve about USAJOBS and how confusing it is. On the overview page of this job, it lists a wide variety of categories of people who can apply, but assumes that everyone knows what these categories mean. Is this job open to people outside of government? Also, it says that the duty station is in DC but you have to snail mail your stuff to an office called “Iraq Jobs”? That makes me worry I’m going to Baghdad!

And the very first sentence of the duties page has a classic example of gov speak: “At the full performance GS-13 level, establishes and administers assigned administrative programs in accordance with Department requirements and other related directives.” Umm, this is really vague.

I don’t mean to be critical but as a job seeker myself this is one of those USAJOBS listings that drive me a little crazy.


Agree with the last comment. What gets me is “at the full performance GS-13 level”: for us non-feds, how do we know if we meet requirements for that level?!

David Harrity

As a govie, let me see if I can help. Many, many jobs are listed as “Management and Program Analyst” which is most often known as a GS-0343 Series position. See http://www.opm.gov/Fedclass/gs0343.pdf for more information. Since the position is a GS-09 and above (Kate stated it was a GS-12/13 position), then the “Administrative Analysis Grade Guide” applies and is located at http://www.opm.gov/fedclass/gsadmn.pdf (Note: this is also linked inside the GS-0343 document).

Using the AAGG, see page 5 that offers a table of Factors/Grade Levels. Find the minimum grade levels for GS-12 and then read the sections corresponding to the level, for example find “1-7” on page 7.

“The term “at the full performance GS-13 level” is an introductory statement meaning “IF hired and fully successful at your job, you would be doing the things stated next with comfort and ease”…. Since the job could start at the GS-12, there is room established for you to grow “INTO” the full performance level GS-13.