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All Sources Opening for Employee Relations Jobs at State Department

My announcement for two GS-11/12/13 Employee Relations Specialists closes Monday, February 13. The positions are in the Bureau of Administration and based in Rosslyn, Virginia. We’re recruiting among status candidates AND all sources. Please apply if you are experienced in employee relations/labor relations and/or administering telework, workers’ comp, and/or leave programs.

Federal Employee Relations Specialists Needed

I’ve changed jobs and I am hiring. Looking for two employee relations specialists at the GS-11 or GS-12 level with promotion potential to GS-13. The job is open to federal status candidates. Read more in the USAJOBS announcement. The job closes November 13, 2011.

Automated Hiring: GIGO or Goodness?

Distracted from my workload for a moment by this item in GovExec about the effectiveness of automated hiring systems. You can’t function in Workplace 2.0 without the automated hiring tools like Monster. Without careful screening of self-assessments against applicant credentials, however, all you get is more slop served faster. If you want to get theRead… Read more »

Show Yourselves!

Read blog post from new mom in the workplace which inspired me and then reminded me, I have a question. I know lots of married women with kids who have been professionally successful. But I personally know very few women who make it to retirement (1) still married to the father of (at least mostRead… Read more »

The Meaner Things

It’s great to know that government is teeming with social media professionals. Me, I’m still back in workforce 1.0, where people are using web platforms to book official travel and do some HR self-service, but the professionals who serve them in these and other administrative fields still keep paper files and don’t necessarily have exposureRead… Read more »

Access Restored

Hot dog! At some point a few months ago, I lost the ability to view GovLoop and other Ning-based sites from my office computer. I assumed that this was because my agency had yet to move away from IE 6.0 and grumbled accordingly. But this morning, I clicked a link in Twitter and found myselfRead… Read more »

Fresh AIR

I wrote a few months ago about looking for applications of web 2.0 goodness that I can apply in delivering administrative services. I did get some mileage out of Yammer and my agency’s in-house blog capability for sharing information, but I am still on the hunt. I also set myself up on Twitter (@Bureaucrates). NowRead… Read more »

AFSA Election

As a vestige of my Foreign Service years, I am a member of the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA). AFSA elections are coming up. I confess I don’t usually pay much attention to these things, but this year I am. For one thing, many of the candidates on the “establishment” slate for AFSA office areRead… Read more »