IBM Fully Authorized to Provide Highly Secure DoD Cloud

In an exciting progression of our IBM Cloud announcement in February, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has recently provided IBM with a full Provisional Authorization for the IBM Cloud Managed Services for Government (CMSG) Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Service Offering through August of 2019.  This update extends IBM’s previous authorization, and enables the company to offer its cloud services to all DoD agencies with application and data requirements at the highest unclassified security levels – known as Impact Level 5 – for Controlled Unclassified Information.

“This releases the full power of IBM Cloud technology to benefit all Department of Defense agencies, which must operate in a secure environment while handling unclassified but nonetheless mission critical information, all within the secure confines of a government-owned facility,” said Sam Gordy, General Manager for IBM Federal. “We are grateful for the leadership, guidance and hard work by the men and women at DISA that helped make IBM’s authorization possible. Thanks to their effort, the entire Department of Defense can now leverage advanced cloud capabilities to operate with greater flexibility and efficiency”.

This full Provisional Authorization rounds out IBM’s unmatched capability in providing hosting services to DoD agencies.  IBM recognizes that defense agencies need flexibility from Cloud Service Providers based on their mission and information sensitivity levels.  IBM has a robust portfolio of application migration and hosting options, including support of on government premises for dedicated infrastructure, Private Cloud, Impact Level 5 Cloud, Impact Level 2 Cloud, and Public Cloud.

For more information on IBM’s DoD Cloud Capability, please contact us at [email protected]

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