IBM working to redefine IPS, SSL is failing and more

  • IBM is hoping to change the game with their latest IPS product

    On Tuesday, IBM unveiled their latest intrusion-protection system, that offers resilience to network-based but also application controls and URL filtering. This combined capability offers cost savings and enhanced capabilities. Via Network World, more here.

  • SSL is no longer the catch all, it needs duct tape! In this excellent article by Kenneth van Wyk, he explores how SSL is no longer a trusted part of internet security, but now a weakness. Via Computer World, more here.
  • An estimated 67k mobile devices are likely to be lost or stolen during the London Olympics. This shouldn’t hurt those who are properly (and securely) configured, but can still be detrimental. Via Security Park, more here.
  • Firefox continues to grow in marketshare in browsers, althought IE still has almost 50% worldwide share. Safari is boosted by use in iDevices. While IE9 was a big boost in security from earlier versions, this still means that there are millions of unprotected browsers out in the world. Via Ars Technica, more here.
  • Microsoft warns of critical Oracle code bugs in Exchange – Exchange is one of the most used products for email and messaging in enterprises. Some of the code was updated July 17 by Oracle, and Microsoft says they are working on an update but no timetable is given. Via Network World, more here.

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