ID Theft Prevention


This blog posting from Michael Peters should be almost mandatory reading by anyone who uses a computing device (be desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch etc.)

The Truth about ID Theft: No fear mongering, no snake oil, just simple advice.

After years of advising corporations, investment firms and being directly involved with helping people understand what identity theft is and making recommendations on how they might thwart criminals from turning them into victims. I decided to revisit the topic and share a simple checklist approach to prevent identity theft.

With just a few simple steps utilizing products and services that we either already pay for already or that are free, we will learn to help ourselves and our loved ones.

I’ve looked at very closely all of the identity theft service providers out there and what has become painfully obvious to me is that the only real product they are selling is fear. They capitalize on consumer ignorance. Like any fear monger, these companies peddle their wares successfully because they know many people never take the time to understand the problem or they don’t know where to start looking and educating themselves. Some of these companies intentionally mislead consumers making a profit from deception.

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